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About The Challenger

A premium Indian Chocolate company (name withheld) makes chocolates using authentic ingredients sourced from around the world. A key ingredient of good chocolate is cocoa butter, and ensures the sheen, taste and texture of the chocolate. However, chocolate made with a higher percentage of cocoa butter tends to melt easily leading to issues of logistics, unless the temperature is maintained between 16 to 20 degrees celsius. This significantly increases the cost of transportation thereby limiting the scope of expansion of the online market for the brand

Prize Purse
Prize Purse
20 Apr, 2021
The Core Of This Challenge

Innovatively provide a solution so that 500 gms of chocolate can travel 5 days of normal courier to reach a remote rural destination within the temperature range of 16 to 20 degrees celsius, so that the chocolate’s quality visually remains the same at the destination as at the origin.

Challenge Constraints

The usage cost of the innovation for 5 days should not be more than Rs 100 per 500 gms of chocolates transported by weight. It should not need any external source of power or effort. There should be no change in the quality, look, flavour or the appearance of the chocolate or its primary packaging. The Innovation must be eco friendly, easy to recycle and non hazardous.


How to win

Prize money is Rs 5 Lakhs to the winning team. Also a royalty incentive of Rs 5/- per package will be paid to the winning team, limited to Rs 3 Lakhs per year for 2 years. The challenger reserves the right to own the technology, apply for the IPR and commercialize it by doubling the prize money to Rs 10 Lakhs. Else, the challenger will have the right to lifelong fair use of the technology for itself. The winner can apply for the patent / copyright / intellectual property, own the technology and the right to commercialize the technology

“The solution to every problem we face lies within us. CultInno gets you to reach out, stretch yourselves and find unique solutions to challenging problems.”
Dr Rahul Mirchandani
Co-Founder, CultInno
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